score adulting

by townies

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released January 8, 2016



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townies Atlanta, Georgia

I'm b.


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Track Name: hound dog
Sammy, you take me as I am
But I'll never be a man
I'll always be a loner hound dog

Touch me, for all that I am worth
Look beyond the mirth
Badly, I just want you to come home

Silver lines around your dress
The smoke rolls down your neck
And curls around my mangy jaws

I will tell you that you're mine
I'll lose my fucking mind
I've always been a liar
Track Name: duck tap3
Laura's my girl
Until she says she ain't
And I've never been ashamed
Till I watched her paint

Her pale in the moonlight
Her pale look goddamned nice

This thing I know
in my tv screen
Says say what the hell
Exactly what I mean

But I don't know what I mean
Cuz im too goddamned mean
And I'm alive cuz I'm told I'm alive
But how the fuck do i know if I'm alive
Track Name: Potato potawto
Under the sheets
A yellow sun dress sleeps with me
I'll lean in the door
You joke and say that I'm such a whore

I want you to want me like I want you bad

Untie the blinds
I hope you stay a while I don't mind
I'll be insane
You stick your tongue inside my brain

I want you to want me like I want you bad